So Long … Farewell

It’s time to say goodbye!

We had our last puppy visit last night. This weekend the Peanuts turn 8 weeks old. Next week they head off to their new forever homes. A happysad time for all.

Adios, Charlie. Enjoy your new life with Sue and Glee!

What? You’re sending me away?!

You’re going to LOVE living with Phil and Mary, Franklin!

*yawn* Wake me when we get there.


Buh Bye Linus. Scott will treat you right!

Yeah uh-huh, whatever, NOMNOMNOM

Make us proud, Lucy. The Deacons can’t wait to welcome you!

Put me down. There is havoc to wreak.

And I’m taking this with me.

Patty, please do something with those ears before you go live with Cathie.

I’m affronted!

Sweet Sally, I’m sad to see you go, but Nan is going to love you.

ha ha ha. That’s what she thinks. I hope she has lots of pants.

And Schroeder, please don’t bite the Jan and Wally in the crotch!

Stop pointing that facebox at me.

Pretty soon it will be time to say good bye to Miss Maeve as well.

Say what?

Today she is meeting what we hope will be her forever home, on beautiful Bowen Island.

Don’t make me go! I wuv you :(

BOOHOO! I am so sad about Maeve. But I know she is going to LOVE her new home. No Tweed standing sentry in doorways to prevent her from coming in to visit me. No Piper to flash Mad Teeth ™ at her every 10 seconds. Two humans who will take her hiking and swimming and trail running – she’s going to absolutely adore it there. I wouldn’t let her go if I didn’t think she would.

So who wants to help me move into my new place on October 30th. Anyone? Hello?


Oh come ON people!! Lend a girl a hand!

I’ll let you hold my new puppy, Spike!

(didn’t see that one coming, did ya? Heh heh heh).

Seriously though, I could really use some help moving…

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