I left my heart

in Surrey.

(in Hilary’s kitchen)

ZOMG! It’s 7 week old Linus! Who has been adopted – not by me, sad to say.

(insert pouty face)

Aren’t they humungoid now? Puppies grow obscenely fast.

Charlie, the heartbreaker

Lucy, Diva in a puppy suit!

The coveted, but adopted, Patty

Her mother’s daughter, Sally.

“Eff-You Camera” Schroeder.

And the irrepressible Spike AKA Mr Personality!

For some reason, I completely forgot to take photos of Franklin (adopted), so I’ll give you a second helping of Spike.

Gah. The cute. It’s too much!!

But I guess it’s a good thing I left my heart in Surrey, cuz that’s where I’m moving at the end of the month!

This is my new home, dubbed “The Little House On The Prairie” by my (mean) friends.

That’s my backyard, with an apple orchard and a fire spit for rowdy barbeques.

And this is TLHOTP viewed from the other end of the 10 (count ’em, TEN) acres my wee house sits on.

I’m officially movin’ to the stix. Commence mockery …. now.

What do you think of that Rivet?

Meh. I can cover my nose with my tongue.

Miss Maeven was a little more excited for me, at least. Of course, Maeve is excited about *everything*

But I don’t think Maeve will be coming with us. For this, you can blame Linda, mostly because it makes her feel guilty ;-)

As much as I adore her sunny personality and enthusiasm, and her simply adorable face, Maeve is built like a tube with 4 ramrod pistons for legs. She is a lovely dog, but she’s not put together for the rigours of agility. Ten acres doesn’t equal ten dogs, and my 4th and last addition has got to be able to play with me for a long time. It breaks my heart – I mean, it shatters it in a million pieces, you’ve no idea how much – but I just don’t think I can keep her. She deserves someone who won’t be disappointed that she can’t be a sporty partner.

OTOH, today I hate agility so much that I might be inclined to change my mind. Again.

I guess every dog comes into your life for a reason. Perhaps Maeve came into mine so that I learn the valuable lesson of letting go of what I think I want, and holding out for what I know I want. Either that, or the universe is a big mean bastard with a sick sense of humour.


Fortunately, I have Tweed to lighten my pissy mood.

Oh hai, I’m in your lens, stealing your perspectives.

I’m going to go drown my sorrows in research on chicken … brands? Breeds? Whatever, I’m gonna get me some chickens when I move!

Get off my land, city slicker

They don’t even grow horses properly out in the sticks! Yeesh.

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