Poor Tweed. He has a pus-filled pocket of infection in one of his front toes. It must be quite painful, as he licked it into a horrible mess.

As you can see, it’s really slowing him down.

Don’t worry, that’s our last trip to the beach anytime soon, since his toe needs to heal, which means it’s staying wrapped and not getting wet. Or at least, that was the plan. After shaving his foot, charging me a princely sum for The World’s Most Expensive Vet Wrap ($14.00!!!), coupled with The World’s Most Expensive Antibiotics ($60.00!!) my vet assured me that her wrapping job was “dog proof.” For extra good measure, she sprayed it with the foulest tasting stuff around.

Tweed unwrapped the bandage in the car on the way home.

Oh but I was ready for this. When we got home, I put a boot on him. He looks ridiculous and he’s MAD AS HELL because even his considerable brain can’t wrap itself (pardon the pun) around the concept of Velcro.

Mwa ha ha ha.

Anyway, so today was our last beach trip until his foot is better. I had to get one last one in.

Maeve was very glad that I did!


So was I. Because how else would I get shots like this?

Piper has acclimated to Maeve now and it’s no longer constant Mad Teeth(tm). That does not mean she is really happy about sharing her Queen Bitch status though.

I’ll serve her up a big ole platter of Whoop Ass right now!

She spends a lot of time trying to escape Maeve.

But Maeve is insane.

and FAST!


You are all terrible HORRIBLE AWFUL CRUEL enablers! It’s like you all got together and caused a tilt in my reality, because yesterday my landlord informed me that he’d put my condo on the market and it’s now officially for sale. Looks like I am moving whether I really intended to or not!

However, whether that move will include Maeve remains to be seen. Because although I really like her, there are two concerns I have.

Concern #1 – Maeve does not jump. I mean, she doesn’t jump anything. Small log in the way? She goes around it. Frisbee in the air? Very keen, but waits for it to come to the ground. Last night at agility class during warm up, I tried to coax her over a 10″ jump and she limboed underneath it. A stunning display of dexterity to be sure for a dog that stands 18″ at the shoulder, but nothing that’s going to rocket us to Nationals or anything. Now, I have started a fair number of my own agility dogs (5, akshully) and I teach it to beginners as well, and I’ve never seen a dog so reluctant to jump.

I already have a non-agility dog (not that I’m MRWOO naming any names MRWOO) and I don’t want another agilitydud. Tweed is going on 10 years old – sooner rather than later my boy will retire. And Piper, bless her, is coming along really well (in spite of my poor sportsmanship and bad temper, I should point out). (See Gerhard? I already KNOW I’m an asshole) but she is 7 years old – I waited much too long. If I’m going to get another dog, I want one I can compete with down the line.

Of course, it’s easy to say all this when I’m not looking at this face!

Concern #2 – ZOMG!

Hello, my name is Linus, and you promised to love ME!

Okay so this is not really a concern, just a cheap and sleazy way to segue into new rescue puppy photos!!

Goshgillygeewhiz, they are SO DARN CUTE! They are now 33 days old, and have transformed themselves from sleepy cuddly potatoes into razorsharp shark monsters with a taste for blood. NO TOES ARE SAFE!!

Why are you standing on one leg clutching your foot and crying, Facebox Lady’s assistant?

I look cute, but I’m just lulling you into a false sense of security. Then I’ll attack. And attack, and attack, and attack …

I do not remember Mona’s puppies being this obsessed with feet. PAINFULLY obsessed with feet.

This one was the worst offender of them all. I think he might be a direct descendant of Satan. Or else that Shark Water guy should be doing a study on him or something.

Stalking … feet … tasty, delicious feet …

And this one is just dreaming about feet.

Satan’s foot soldiers! (I really need to lay off the puns)

Aren’t they the dreamiest though? I so love them (at someone else’s house)!!

We have had a fair number of applications come through for them already. The usual handful of ridiculous ones (are they housebroken? How much training do they have? I’m about to have a baby, can I adopt one?) but also some really stellar applications from some really amazing performance homes. So if you want one, act fast (PAULA).

See? I can be an enabler too.

Stop blogging. More ball.

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