Leech-Free since 2002

Just one of those delightful phrases that I *used* to be able to apply to Miss Piper.

Not anymore.


My sister’s wedding reception (aka Big Ass Party) was at Bowen Island this past weekend so we loaded up the dogs and took them over with us. We went a-swimmin’, and Piper brought home this leech attached to her stomach. So gross.

It didn’t phase Wootie though.

Must retrieve toy for cookies. Must retrieve toy for cookies. Must retrieve toy …

But it totally gave Tweed the heebie-jeebies.

Eww! Gross! Yuck!

Let’s cuddle. No? Why not? What’s a little leech between friends??

Piper has balls of steel!

Actually, Piper does NOT have balls of steel. She just really really wishes she did.

Like The Big Steel Ball in the Little Cement Birdbath, which she was unable to remove.

Sneaking up on it did not help.

Staring at it intently was also a bust.

Digging it out of the water looked promising initially, but in the end, the ball defeated her.

However, it kept her entertained for – literally – hours. I mean hours. She was exhausted by the time we left.

Which was a good thing, as it left me free to hunt down Houdini-Woo, who was hunting down Bowen Island chickens. For a fat dog, he sure can squeeze through small spaces.

Oh hai, I’m in the driveway now. You thought an iron gate would keep me in the yard? Why so silly?

I took no photos of it, but Tweed spent the entire party beside the buffet table. Sometimes Piper would go check on his food-mooching progress, but it was too far from The Ball Of Steel.

Tweed’s over there eating chicken wings. Are we going back to the fountain now?

Mmm… chicken wings … straight off the chickens over there … I wonder if I can get through this thicket?

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