Hey Wootie …


I’m gonna throw your Wootie Toy!




And then he flew off into the sunset.

ha ha. Just kidding. I was fooling around in CS2 today. However, that really is HOW Wootie jumps. It’s ridiculous.

Come one. Srsly? WTF?

Now you know why I don’t have an agility Woo. He lacks Tweed’s svelte grace (background also photshopped).

And Piper’s determination….

… even when her timing is a tad off. I have no idea what she is jumping off of in this photo! It sure isn’t the dock!

Courage comes in small packages…

This is not one of them.

Yep, that’s right, ANOTHER one of my friends HURLED her dog into the lake with the force of a thousand jet engines and the glee of a demon maddened by lust and the blood of 400 virgins! And goats!

Save me, jebus. I want to live!!!

Okay, so Harry is not so brave. She has jumped in on occasion on her own steam, but not too frequently, though she does love to swim!

This dog though, was very cool. This is Nancy.
(more fun in photoshop!)

Nancy likes to dock dive quite a lot.

Did you notice what is so amazing about Dock Divin’ Nancy Pibble?

Look ma! No front leg!

Let’s recap, shall we? Three legged Nancy can toss herself off a dock.

Four legged Harriet can’t navigate a submerged log.


I’d still really like my ball ….

Hmmmm …. Sorry. Can’t help you, squirt.

And then there’s Parker, who has the leaping mechanism, but not the swimming one.

If she COULD swim, she could probably leap clear to the other side of the lake with that stride!

But only once. Greyhounds lack stamina.

Stop playing with Parker. Throw the ball.

Thanks!! See ya later!!
, GossipTweed.

Oh hai! I’m gonna get all up in your bizness like dat!

A shot of The Mighty Flamboyance for the road …

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