Sad Kitten

Is sad:

ZOMG! My kittens are SOOOO much cuter than your kittens:

Meet the Tim Bits (the mini Donutz), who have finally arrived!

This little black and white kitteh is CUH-RAZY!!

And the oh-so-pretty sistah kitty is a little on the shyer side at the mo’.

And Yo Mama is a real deal Foldy McFolderson

I’ve been trying to get a good photo of her, but *someone* keeps hogging all the camera time!

Yo Mama is a SUPER sweet cat. She’s all warbly-talky and sitting on my shoulder, when she is not busy exploring the house and giving Donut the evil eye.

The kittens dove into a meal and then did a little exploring, but this made Donutz ANGRY.

So they are back in their pen for a little while Donut has a miffed-out spaz in the corner of hate and rage and jealousy.

I will never forgive you for this.


This one is so damn funny.

No photos please!!

And this one is so damn kee-yute!

And Tweed thinks they are like doggie crack


More (many more) photos to come, I promise!!

And thanks to all of you for your generous offers of help – we have found a place for the mamma dog to whelp out her pups. You’re all the best! Thanks so much!

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