Rinky dink dink

Two kittehs in a sink!

tee hee hee.

The news cats and the old guard (AKA Nutz) are still unimpressed with one another. And yet, they are united in their distaste for their living-sharing.

Behold – Donutz is pissed off.

So is the kitten. Except she looks exactly like Donutz.

While I had hoped that one of these little cutiepatooties would be a partner in crime to Her Majesty, it looks like Donutz prefers to fly solo. So these little devil kittens are looking for homes of their very own.

Yes please, find them new homes. They make me so darn tired.

What are you talkin’ about?

I totally never unraveled your toilet paper! I never did!

Yes she did.

Now get that camera out of my face. I’m trying to figure out how I can replicate myself.

Speaking of replicants … The Sofa is one step ahead of kitten on that one. He replicated himself at the beach today.

Eerie, no?

It’s kind of to be expected though. I mean, there’s a lot of things to get accomplished in a day when you are The Sofa, and there needs to be more than one of you if you want to get it all done.

So many puppies to NOM NOM NOM



Also, if you are The Sofa, you must steal Harriet’s ball at least 8 / 10 times it’s thrown in the water.

Too far I think.

Agh! Agh! Definitely too far!!

That sucked!

(tiny dog. BIG voice)

I’ll take that, thankyouverymuch.

The Sofa seems to have settled down and is back to his friendly, playful beach self. He can even share toys, as long as they are not HIS toys. Seems he is over his snit.

Tweed however, was in a snit because Fergus was not sharing.

Damn it, Fergus.

The Biggest Snitty Of Them All was Rogue, aka The Scorpion.

She did not want to swim.




When she paddled back to shore, she took out her bad mood on some random passing terrier. Poor little thing didn’t know what hit ‘im.

I’m just glad it wasn’t me!

Yo, She is lucky it wasn’t ME.

As for Woo, well … there is no dock at Spanish Banks.

But Woo can get air anywhere.

So here’s a question for you … does your breed of dog recognize or behave differently around other dogs of the same breed?

Today Sofa met two dobermans. One of them (his doppelganger) totally ignored him. The other one beat the living snot out of him. I thought maybe they would bond or something.

My border collies recognize other border collies and relax around them. They don’t mind other border collies joining them in their reindeer games, and if they see them from a distance they wag their tails. They are not particularly interactive with other border collies – or any dogs at all, actually – but they do seem to enjoy their company. Other dogs are not worthy of their attention at all, and sometimes are snapped at if they are too pushy. But it’s really obvious that they recognize their own “kind” – Tweed even recognizes border collies on television, though he otherwise totally disregards television.

Is this true of your breed as well?

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