TDBCR needs a foster home in the Vancouver/Lower Mainland area that can whelp out a purebred border collie bitch who is in danger of being shot.

She is a CBCA registered female who was accidentally bred to a registered male, so the pups will be purebred. They will be neutered before adoption.

If you live in the Lower Mainland and have a secure, safe environment to raise a litter of pups, please contact us ASAP! This is a time sensitive situation and we need to get the bitch out of there fast.

TDBCR covers all expenses, including food (they’ll be raised on raw, which we will provide), supplies and veterinary care. We will be responsible for the placement of the pups and the mum when they are ready to go. This is a minimum 3 month commitment and a wonderful way to help rescue dogs. Please email us for more information, asap!

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