I Can Haz

Doberman puppy cuteness plz?


Meet Koa, World’s Cutest Dobie Puppy.


It’s difficult to see in this photo, but Mr. Pickles is in the background wearing a grin manufactured from the evil that seeps from the DEVIL’S VERY SOUL. Because Mr. Pickles sucks rocks. We used to be friends, now we are mortal enemies. Apparently it has something to do with me “threatening” to steal his new puppy.

Which he totally doesn’t deserve. I mean obviously Koa adores ME*. See the look of love** in his eyes?

*pork liver cookies
** hunger

I have forgotten how much FUN a puppy is! He’s all floppy goofy stumbly long legs and head thwacking into stuff funny. And he’s like a Learning Sponge, so totally willing to offer behaviours for cookies. In the two days he’s come to work, I’ve free shaped a “sit,” a “down” and a reasonable “wave/paw shake” with almost no effort at all.

Thus he is the Anti-Woo, who only knows how to a) roll over and b) barkscream.

My dogs have not met him yet – I thought it might be kinder to let him acclimate to the office business a little bit before inundating him with Mad Teeth ™, The Puppy Humper and The Center of Attention. You know, the Trio of Rotten.

Puppy Humper?

Anyway, apparently Hammy did not actually satisfy my Annual Small Furry Thing That Usually Equals Puppy Lust, because it has been reignited with the appearance of the dobie doll. FOOD LADY WANTS A PUPPY!!

I will offer a free photo shoot to whomever kills Mr. Pickles, and hands over the puppy to me!!!!

Oh who am I kidding? I can’t afford a puppy. I’m going to get fired for not getting any work done!

C’est Impossible.

Oh well, at least Spring has arrived!

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