I spy, with my little eye

A game of footie! (that’s soccer, to you American readers)

*Though the straits be broad and narrow, we’ll follow we will,
Follow we will, Follow we will.

Though the straits be broad and narrow, we’ll follow we will,

We will follow in the footsteps of our team.*
(Apologies to Celtic fans)

(Actually no. I take that back. I make no apologies)

Wuh oh.

Oh shit. RUN HAMMY, RUN!!

Nae worries. MC Hamster was in no real danger. After Piper tried to score a game winning goal with the hammy-ball, the dogs were ordered into a quivering collective of doggie down-stay for the remainder of Hammy’s evening on the town.

One-at-a-time hairy eyeball following was permitted under strict supervision

It was haaaarrrrrrrrrrd.


Because they were so good, and tried so hard, I rewarded them with a trip to the park.

Meh. Flying Squirrel is okay. But I shall stand here and reflect majestically upon the wonderment of Mister Hamster. I think I can smell him from here, actually.

Hai! Step 1) insert hamster on massive tongue scoop mechanism. Kthx

Even more challenging than the “Leave Hammy Alone” exercise for Piper is the “Relax With Your Hockey Ball” Game. Piper is genetically programmed for a high degree of tension.

What? I’m totally relaxed.

What the – is he looking at my ball??!

(supposedly ‘looking at her ball’)

OMG he wants my ball. I better grab it.

(la la la nom nom nom)

Okay okay, everyone calm down. The ball is safe. Wait … do I want that stick too?

HAI! Hamster Tongue Scoop getting tired over here!

*SIGH* Can we go back home to Hammy now?


  1. Hamster ball!

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