The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

How you can do something GOOD.

My friend Finn has spent a lot of time in the animal welfare trenches. She has rescued ’em, transported ’em, bathed ’em, groomed ’em, found ’em homes and laid ’em to rest when it was too late. When Katrina hit, Finn went to New Orleans to help clean up. When no natural disaster was present, you’d have found her working in a shelter somewhere.

Finn is to animals as fat is to Woo – an integral part of life!

Last year lots of you followed, via her blog, Finn’s adventures working with the street dogs and cats in Granada, Nicaragua at the non profit clinic Casa Lupita. There Finn and other volunteers made a huge difference in the lives of the many stray dogs and cats of Granada, who endure misery, disease, hunger, abuse and death in this impoverished place.

Thanks to the work of Casa Lupita and volunteers like Finn, dogs like the Potato:

had their lives literally transformed.

But there are still lots of dogs out there who need help.

So for the third time in as many years, Finn is joining Casa Lupita on a quest to neuter some several hundred dogs and cats in the Corn Islands and provide them with the health care and nutrition that they so desperately need.

What you don’t know is that in the past Finn has paid for her trips to Grenada out of her own pocket, because her dedication to the cause is that strong. The last time Finn went to Nica, she sold her car to fund the trip. This time, Finn’s out of things to sell. The spay/neuter clinic group of volunteers is a small, handpicked collective and it’s a huge honour for Finn to be invited.

But Finn just feels like it’s her duty.

So if you want to do something GOOD this year, send a donation to Finn’s Travel Fund via PAYPAL (to .

Finn needs to raise just over $500.00 USD to take care of her airfare and incidentals. She will not be paid for her time off work. Her accommodations and meals will be donated by locals in the area. A similar two day clinic neutered over 100 dogs and cats in 48 hours – imagine what they can do in 7 days?

So if you can help my buddy Finn, throw down a little, would ya? I’ll vouch for her – she is 100% on the up and up, and should we happen to raise more cash than she needs for her trip, she’ll be proud to hand it over to Casa Lupita herself, on your behalf.

To help save dogs like Portia

Who today might dead if it weren’t for volunteers like Finn.

And if we’re lucky, she’ll blog about her adventures while she’s there.


So BAD it’s actually good

On today’s trip to the dogpark, I was bullied and intimidated.

By a border collie.

You WILL give me your frisbee, beeotch.
He even had a nefarious little arched white eyebrow!

Told ya so.

He was very stare-y.

And when he was busy, like taking a leak or something, he brought a stand-in stare-er!

However this stand-in was no match for FLYING FISTS OF WOOTIE!


This move is called Dance Of The Spring Lambs

Flying One Legged Impala-Bunny of DOOOOOOOOOOM

Okay seriously – am I the only person with a dog that *levitates*? Normal dogs don’t play like this! I took about 15 photos of Wootie and this border collie wrasslin’, and in a whole two of them he has his feet on the ground.

Actually … make that one photo. I just noticed his feet are not on the ground in this one either. He can’t even hug his new friend whilst standing on the ground. What’s WRONG with this dog?!


Bless you?

No, no, this is Picachu, a Cairn terrier.

She’s just cute.

Unlike Piper.

This move is called Bringing Madness On my Enemies
Looks like it works.




In this space here is supposed to be video of me and Tweed doing a Master’s Snookers run from this afternoon at the L&B trial in Cloverdale. Unfortunately, the video camera was so repulsed by our performance that it corrupted the video.

Admittedly, it was not the prettiest of runs. I do not think on my feet super well at the best of times, and when Tweed bailed off the 6 point teeter in the opening I kinda mad-panicked and threw myself on the mercy of some nearby weave poles. It was a mess.

Messy or not, it didn’t stop us from getting TWEED’S AGILITY TRIAL CHAMPIONSHIP TITLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Five years of hard work and money down the toilet, but today we did it! Tweed is now, proudly, the first ATChed dog of Food Lady.

Good dog Tweed!!!

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