Moons Over My Hammy

I am so proud of you guys! I spoke with Finn this morning and she tells me you all have raised just over half the funds she needs for her airfare. Already! You guys are really the best.
For this, I shall reward you with …

HAMMY J Pepper

Donut calls him “lunch”

Feed Me, Seymour!

Canned HAMM (have you figured out he doesn’t have a real name yet?) is a black bear hamster I scored off of CL. He’s pretty darned awesome. But very difficult to photograph. I’m not a hamster-shooting pro yet.

I thought he would make excellent Donut TV.
But since I brought him home, Tweed has been staring at his cage with this expression on his face:

I think he is a fan.

Anyhoo, Green Eggs and HAMM is having a run in his hot pink wheel in his double decker house after rudely rejecting my peace offering of a red pepper, and then chucking a piece of mozzarella on the floor. It’s very cute, as he has a captive audience with 12 legs. Mr. Woo can’t even look at him – when he does, he begins to vibrate with barely controlled barkscreams. The experience has exhausted him, so he is passed out under my computer desk at the mo.

The HAMMptons came with a big clear ball that apparently he can climb into and then motor around the house within. I am fairly certain that this activity would cause Mr. Woo’s head to EXPLODE so we’re working up to that one.

PHAMMpmers is also supposed to satisfy the small-fuzzy-craving that usually hits me around this time of year…FOOD LADY WANTS A PUPPY!! Alas (and PHEW) I cannot have a puppy, so GraHAMM is my puppy substitute.

Say hello to the nice people, Hammy!

Better photos to come, I promise!

In other news, Mia from No Puppy Mills Canada has generously offered to donate $10.00 from every order of her custom-made canine blankies to Finn’s trip for Casa Lupita.

They are really cool, and if your pooch needs his own ‘binkie’ then check out how you can order one of your own.

And if you are one of those rare birds who does not have a paypal account, but you still want to donate to Finn’s cause, send me an email and I will pass on her postal address.

Fall into my mouth please hammmmmsterrrrrrr …..

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