Smoking is bad for you

And it’s not just cigarettes. Pipes are bad for you too.

Though one may look dashing with a pipe …

smoking kills.

And at first your friends and family will be sad about your demise

But eventually they will go on with their lives

And forget you ever existed.

Woo? Woo who?

So take up a different hobby. Maybe a sport.

This has been a public service message from The World’s Bossiest Dog.

Who has feet, but no visible legs.


Strangely enough, I did not win the lottery last night. That’s weird.

It’s also too bad, because late this week I heard from my landlord who wants to sell my condo.

ARGH! I just moved in like 3 days ago or whatever!

He’s offered to sell it to me, but banks do not generally like to give mortgages to women with more dogs than sense. Or cents, if you’ll pardon the pun. And you have to, because this is my blog.

I figure I have three options:

1) Kill my landlord, find his will and alter it to suggest he’s left the condo to me. But this one sounds like a lot of work.

2) Move. Again.

3) Go to the Bank Of Mummy And Daddy.

How come my photography does not make me rich?!

It is, however, making me moderately famous. A little birdie tells me that TWAAW will soon make an appearance on the most excellent and informative blog Behind The Behaviour from the wise folks at Companion Animal Solutions. And even if it does not, the blog is a great site with loads of really good insight into the canine bean. You should check it out!

It’s really neat to see what sort of photos tickle your fancy. Keep up the good work with your photo contest entry suggestions!

Captain Ice Beard commands you.

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