Macabre Vancouver

Hello, Spring? Are you in there?

Just when you thought it was safe to drive … Winter returns with a vengeance! Vancouver is once again blanketed in fresh new snow. WTF? Who ordered this anyway??

We’re all going a little bit stir crazy in here.

Fooood Laaaady, I’m boooorrrrred.

I’m going to bug the Cat.

You best do something with these annoying dogs, before I take matters into my own claws.
This are serious cat. We take Donut threats to heart. And so, out we go, in the snow.

My new neighborhood has one whole park, but it has miles of graveyard across the street. And interestingly, this is where the folks of my hood socialize. Today there are sledders, and other dog walkers, and kids making snowpeoples. It’s kind of weird, when the cemetery is your playground.

The dogs don’t care, they are just glad to be outside in the (ridiculous, annoying, never ending) snow.

Bored no more!


The graveyard is actually pretty cool … although I don’t think these trees bent this way before the snowstorms.

It’s a scenic stroll, when your toes and fingers are not freezing off.

Are you guys having fun?

Yay!! Snowtimez!

Okay kiddos. Time to go home.

But but but … why?

Cuz my fingertips are getting frostbite.

Oh doG. Save me. They’re back.

Is anyone else experiencing bizarre weather? One of the reasons I live in Vancouver is the usually polite snow, the kind that visits for a couple of days and then goes back to Prince George where it belongs. I don’t know what to do with all this white stuff!

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