Yay! It’s Summer Again!

(I like to mess with my dogs’ heads)

Look Tweed, it’s summer time again!

“Yay! Summer! I’m goin’ swimmin’!”

“Oh you f*ckin’ lying hag. It’s not summer. This shizzat is cold. As soon as my paws thaw, you’re dead meat.”

“If the Food Lady says it’s summer, it must be true. BONZAI!”

“Holy crap, that’s cold. Take a good long look at this face, woman, cuz it’s the last thing you’re ever gonna see. I am the freezing cold soaking wet ninja of death, and the Reaper is pointing his finger straight.at.you.”

“Ha ha! Tweed’s dumb, Piper is stupid, you’re about to meet your maker, and I’m dry!”


“A monster?!?! Where?!”

^^ scared Wootie’s ears straight.

It’s cold out there, kids. Going to the beach was not the best idea I ever had. My fingers are frozen. But it was worth it to screw with the dogs.

There were loads of other equally sadistic humans at the beach too, and all the dogs were mighty cheezed at being swindled, and in bad moods.

“What was that? What did you say to me? Me and my friend here, we’re going to take you and your ridiculously tiny ears down, pal!”

“Don’t you be talkin’ crap to my friend Tiny Ears, mister, I’ll kick your ass into next year!”

“Gah! Dude! Try a breath mint! Geez!”

“What the hell are you lookin’ at camera lady? I’m about to stuff you into the cavernous hole of my snaggletoothed mouth.”

“I’m so confused!”

Poor Piper. She’s a slow learner. She tried swimming again.

Her body froze, and fell off. All the remained was a disembodied bobbing head.

Thank doG for Tweed. He was willing and eager to fetch Piperhead.

“Want me to get it? I’ll get it. No really, I’ll get it. Can I get it?”

“Yay! Still dry!”

“Food Lady, why are you so mean?”

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