I feel like I have been waiting my whole life to take this photo, and finally today I did.
Bless Mr. Woo for his weird and wonderful ways. I threw no ball. I gave him no instructions. We simply were visiting MacDonald Beach today and Wootie swam out to a little clump of rocks for no reason at all, and then decided to SPROING back to shore.

I like that photo so much I almost don’t want to post anything else!

But I don’t want to upset Tweed’s fans.

Or Piper’s.

And to think I was worried I wouldn’t get anything decent, as I left our walk until kinda late today.

It started out with some blue sky and sun peeping through the clouds.

But it started looking rather ominous before too long.

But this brave soul was not worried, he was just really enjoying his walkies.

It was even warm enough for some light swimming … and posing.

But Piper says no matter how warm it is, it’s never okay for Tweed to beat her to the ball. Because that makes her angry.

This is something Woo thinks about carefully.

He’s been on the other side of that fence.

Piper thinks it would be a good idea if you were to adopt this dog:

from Inland Northwest Rescue in Idaho.

Because she thinks one of her is plenty, and that The Food Lady doesn’t need to adopt her doppelganger.

And speaking of doppelgangers, we have also found my dearly departed Briggs’ stunt double.


Bailey has more white on him than Briggs did, but they share a remarkable resemblance!

Bailey was adopted (yay!) as a senior (yay!) from a shelter in Colorado. You can read more about him here.

Now everyone has a doppelganger except for Tweed.

I guess he truly is one of a kind. A very strange and kind of annoying one of a kind.


Please don’t be concerned, but Nutz is going to hunt you down, and then kill you.

Just for fun.

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