We Are Family

Here’s a photo to warm the cockles of your heart (whatever those might be). A touching snapshot of a boy and his dog.


Hold the phone, sister – that’s not that boy’s dog. That’s MY dog!!

And that boy has his own dogs! He has Hayden:

And he has Jack!

Once upon a time, we were family, and Piper had all her brothers (and me).

Piper has to look twice as tough as she really is amongst all those boys; that’s why she sits like a bulldog. Grrr. She’s SO tough.

Can’t you tell?

At least she can still outrun them.

Tweed was so happy to see his ex stepbrothers, as even though he lacks uppy-ears, they still let him be part of the gang.

I’ve missed my boys! Although, if I’m being honest, I suspect Hayden is clinically insane.

Also, he didn’t seem like he missed me. Jack, OTOH, was ecstatic. He probably remembers how good I taste, and was waiting for the opportunity to take a bite out of me. Again.

Awww, Jack. I’m too smart to turn my back on you!

You know how when you go back and revisit something that you did, or who you were, you are sort of transported momentarily right back into that moment and you sort of live it all over again?

Do you think dogs experience that as well? We have not seen The Boy and His Dogs for a couple of years, at least. We arrived at Bridgeman a few minutes before they did, and when they met up with us, Piper was both excited, and confused. She behaved almost like she was lost, or guilty, and glued herself to The Boy’s leg with her tail plastered to underbelly like she’d done something horribly wrong, or felt terrible. I wonder if she had a When World’s Collide experience, doggy style?

She’d always had a crush on The Boy, and was his virtual slave.

“I’ll carry your Chuck-It for you, Boy! Can I do anything else to make your day brighter?”
I have no idea what Tweed’s doing here.

Maybe he had lost his mind.

The reunion family portraits didn’t go as well as I’d hoped, mostly because a) Jack and Hayden no longer listen to me (“you’re not my mum!”) and b) Tweed was all NO TOUCHING!

And Woo was all “this photo is all about me. I’m going to take up as much of the frame as doggedly possible.”

And then he just … left.

Tweed was so excited about seeing The Boy and His Dogs that he was still in a euphoric mood when we got home. He was in such a good mood, that he even deigned to play with a somewhat skeptical Wootie.

But pretty soon he totally crashed.

And Mr. Woo, who didn’t remember anyone in his old family, was like “Why’d you make me hang out with those whacknuts anyway?”

So I sat down to edit photos and Nutz said “Step away from my computer desk, bitch.”

Christ! What a grump!

“Whatever could you possibly mean? I’m an ANGEL!”

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