This is Tweed

This is Tweed.

This is Tweed now that he’s REALLY MAD!


Good question! I’m glad you asked!

On Sunday, My Special Little Guy got his third and final Masters Standard Q to successfully complete the requirements for the title of Masters Agility Dog of Canada!

This is, dear viewers, nothing short of a miracle. For starters, Tweed’s performance is usually severely retarded by his handler, who has all the skill of a coma victim who lost all her limbs in an unfortunate sledding accident.

Secondly, keeping this deficit in mind, Tweed likes to average one Titling Q per year. He got one in September of 2007, and then blessed us with another surprise Q in September 2008. So we consider this second Titling Q in a two month span as The Food Lady’s Christmas Bonus.

Traditionally, Tweed has brilliant performances when no one has a video camera handy. I have loads of really really super shitty runs recorded for posterity. And while this may not have been his (or my) finest moment, it’s definitely one of my proudest!

The sound on this video is off by a second or two, and I can’t get rid of it, but you can hear the barn erupt in cheers, if a bit prematurely. We’ve been chasing this title for an awfully long time!

So … congratulations Tweird!

In other perfectly lovely news, we are celebrating birthdays tomorrow at Casa de Food Lady. It’s my birthday, and it’s also the imaginary birthday I gave to both Piper and Mr. Woo since both have pasts shrouded in mystery, but birthdates sometimes around November.

Miss P is a ripe old 6 years of age.

And the family clown, Mr. Woo, reaches a milestone of a whole 3 years.

Happy Birthday Monsters!

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