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Happy Birthday Briggs

Today my bestest boy would have been 11 years old.


I don’t know where you are now buddy, but I hope you’re having a good time. We all miss you here at home.

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Well readers, I have to admit that since Briggs died, I have not felt a lot of overwhelming need to take photos, 0r caption them with funny shit. In fact, I’ve not even picked up my camera since the last attempt, except to lend it to a fellow photographer in need. I guess I lost my muse.


But! The Brady Bunch is nearly 3 months old and we got updates from their new mums and dads. I thought you’d like to see them.

Bobby, now known as McGee:
His new parents say: “Here are some new pics of Bobby McGee – he got to go to White Rock today. he is doing really well and growing fast. he loves to CHEW & cuddle and has learned to sit.”

Cindy, who now goes by Jynx:
Jynx’s parents say: “It has really only been 3 weeks since we brought Jynx home. The name stuck pretty quickly with us and her. She and Charlie get along famously. She rarely leaves his side. They chase each other around the living room and the back yard. Charlie will take away whatever Jynx is playing with so she will chase him. They are really fun to watch. Whenever Charlie lies down Jynx figures it is her place to curl up beside or on top of him. He doesn’t seem to mind. When Charlie gets too much for her, she hides under a chair or behind a pair of human legs, and waits until he calms down. Just when he seems to have lost interest, she will leap out and attack him, and the rumbling will start again.”

Jan has become Jazzy
Jazz’s parents say: “We are having a lot of fun with Jan (now Jazzy), she has settled in really well and enjoying the walks in our woods – she has even seen deer! She is a really quick learner and now comes, sits, lays down and shakes a paw for us. She doesn’t like rain or cold weather very much but I assume that will change as she gets older. We also have her lined up for puppy kindergarten mid February which I know she will really love as she loves people and I am sure other dogs.”

Marsha changed her name to Sophie:
Sophie’s parents say: “She is very very good indeed…20 # and there is some question about her hearing…she hears, but sometimes does not even react to a sharp sound, will get it checked…but she joins the other dogs at the door if someone is leaving the house…and plays hard with Shira and uses Kirby like a nanny to take a nap with…”

Mike favours Seamus

Seamus’ mum says: “Seamus Michael attends Kinderpuppy class on Tuesday nights. Last Tuesday was his third class where he learned “leave it” very quickly. He can sit and lay down pretty consistently. He’s a pretty sharp little guy. Almost as sharp as his teeth. He is getting along well with our other dog Nosey except in the mornings when Seamus has his highest level of energy and Nosey is still grumpy, not having had his morning coffee. Nosey occasionally growls and shows his scary teeth face when Seamus overdoes it, but aside from those instances, they play very well together and like to cuddle up by the heater together.

“It seems to us that Seamus has grown quite a bit in the last few weeks. He has amazingly long legs. (see photo) He is still very, very sweet-tempered.”

Oliver now calls himself Mitch
Mitch’s parents say: “All is well! We changed his name to Mitch. He got his booster shots at 12 weeks and has no troubles visiting the Vet. He’s put on a few pounds and a few inches. He gets along with our older dog, Nelson.”

Picasso has morphed into Loki
Loki’s parents didn’t send photos, but they said: “Loki (picasso) is doing great! he is so inquisitive and playful and has made good friends with some of the other dogs in my family. he has gained 5 pounds since we took him home (he now weighs 23 lbs) and he is growing fast. We are taking him in for his booster shot in the next 2 weeks, and then we start with puppy training classes, we are all very excited. Already he has enriched our lives so much.”

National ‘Pick On Tweed’ Day

But first …
“Oh hey there, little fella, whatcha looking at?”


Ah. Gotcha.

I do believe Woo would be beyond ecstatic if I got him his very own boston terrier. But them things is nutso-hyper. Plus, little dogs are kinky as shit.

He will have to be content with his very own Piper.

Who, by the way, clearly got the memo about National Pick On Tweed Day.

In fact, just about everyone at the dog beach seemed to know what day it was.

After a while, he got pretty paranoid. Understandably, since he was accosted from all directions. Sometimes by somethingdoodles.

Poor Tweed.

We don’t know why it was Pick On Tweed Day, but some things are just mysteries of nature and can’t be explained. Like the mystery of why Woo jumps the way he does.

Woo scoffs at gravity.

Or he is part gazelle or something. Piper says other dogs don’t jump like that. Other dogs, apparently, hydroplane.

But not Woo!

This is a funny photo of Cruz who is lovely, but not always swift.

It’s been just over a week since I lost my heart dog, Briggs. Last Saturday morning the aftermath of his pancreatitis caused liver failure. Briggs woke me up from a nap to let me know he had soiled himself and he had turned completely yellow. We immediately went back to the vet, and we let my old man go. It was the hardest, most painful thing I have ever had to do all my 35 years, and his loss is the most haunting and hollow feeling I have ever known. And I thank Dr. Shaw at Kitsilano Animal Clinic for both trying to save my boy when being saved was an possibility, and being honest with me when it was Briggs’ time to go.

I also would like to thank all of you, for your comments and emails and messages and cards and phone calls. I could never answer you all; it’s not only painful to relive it but there were simply too many condolences. But please know that I appreciate each and every one of them, and while they are painful to read they are also very cathartic. Because every message tells me that my private Briggs was your public Red Dog, and that many of you loved him almost as much as I did. For a little dog with a troubled past and a too-short life, to be loved by so many is no small feat. And if I helped you all to love the World’s Most Amazing Dog, then he has gotten as much love in his life as he had for me, and I hope it was enough for him. No dog deserves it more.

I would especially like to thank those many of you who donated to TDBCR in Briggs’ honour. It’s incredibly generous of you, and since I started the rescue 8 years ago because of my Briggs, it’s a wonderful tribute to his time here with me. Thank you.

Lastly, there were two condolences I received that meant more to me than I can express. The first was from Katie, a newish veterinarian whom I’ve never met, who over the last 18 months or so has gone to lengths to help me sort out Briggs’ various health problems, and championed me when I felt like we were losing the battle. She told me that Briggs lives on in her patients because she knows so much more about treating arthritis and pancreatitis thanks to her efforts to help me address his health problems.

The other was from my good friend Mike, who simply wished me peace in my heart, and quiet in my mind, and told me that while the pain may be bad now, over time it will fade and one day I will have both those things. And knowing that this is possible is what gets me up in the morning.

Briggs’ collar sits over my monitor, and his soul sits in my heart. He was a good dog.