Fat and Happy

Thanks to all of you

Holly wrote:

I just really enjoyed reading through your blog. You’ve captured both the look of your kids and their personalities. I’ve passed on your website to a friend with a border collie and we were exchanging quotes from your website and laughing. I think my favorite is the dog trying to get the treat of the table. Priceless.

And I never realized that merles should not breed. So I’ve learned something new!

Anyway, I’m making a donation. I did a bit of volunteer work in Toronto while I was there and I am so impressed with what you’re doing.

Laura wrote:

Thanks for the updates and great pics on your blog, I have a great time reading it and I’m another Woo fan amongst so many! Anyway, I sent some $ to help feed the hungry buggers, I’m glad you posted the paypal stuff.
Good luck with them and keep the pictures coming,

The following folks did not leave messages, but we’d like to thank them anyway:

  • Anne-Marie, Kristin, Sharon, Kelly, Pia, Fern, Janet, Lynne, Robin, Rainey, Helen, Jacqui, Rossie, Erin, Saskia and Alison

Not to single any one of you out but HOLY COW Andrea, thanks so much! That’s crazy!!

Thank you for your generosity!

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