Shut up, Lars!!

“You’re not the boss of me! Shut up!”

Lars is an evil little shit. He has designated me “Auntie Chuck-It RIGHT NOW Lady.” Even though he has his own perfectly good Dad with his own perfectly functioning Chuck-It, Lars believes I should throw his ball for him … endlessly. Never mind I am throwing balls for my own three numbskulls, and trying to entice a little orange tube with a Wootie toy, AND trying to capture it all on film. If I ignore Lars, he hooks his foot around my ankle and tries to trip me, then barks at me. Or he shoulder-checks me in the knees and then he barks at me.

Or else he just barks at me.

(Cookie Uncle is meanwhile usually sitting on a log trying to lure puppies to him so he can chat up their attractive owners. Lars has lost faith in Dad’s Chuck-It abilities.)

And speaking of Shut Up, I wish I could capture a hound baying in a photograph. Because the guy that owns this dog was asked to take his dog home by someone who lives near the dogpark and was tired of hearing “BAWOOOO BAWOOO BAWOOOO.”

This hound dog never-stopped-baying. If he wasn’t baying at his owner to throw his ball, he was baying at other dogs for the sure joy of hearing his own (very loud) voice.

But the funniest thing about the hound baying is what it does to Wootie:

Some dogs howl when they hear fire engine sirens. Woo doesn’t. But something about the particular pitch of this hound’s sound causes Wootie to howl his little heart out.

Poor Red Dog says he would rather drown than hear it.

As for Tweed, I’m not sure what’s going on with Tweed here. You probably can’t either, so I drew a big arrow for you to see what you’re supposed to look at.

I know, I know – “We’re tired of your boring beach stories, Food Lady, show us puppies.”


Here are all the merle pups on day two on this earth. The little non-conformist black puppy was nowhere to be seen.
They’re clearly feeling a lot better, because they aren’t all huddled together all the time, which means they are sufficiently toasty warm.

Mama Dog is feeling a lot better too. I guess everything comes together after you take two giant dumps on the living room floor, and finish it up with a great lake of pee on a dog bed.
The good news is she did all of this right by the patio door, so she clearly wanted to go outside. Since then, she has done her business outside where she is supposed to.

Taking pictures of merle puppies is like taking picture in a hunting store. Just a bunch of camo!

It’s easier and much cuter when they are on their own:

Then again, a stack of merley tails is pretty darn irresistible.

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