Where The Wild Flowers Are

This afternoon I took the dogs to play at the back of the property among the long grasses and the wildflowers, because it makes for prettier backdrops than the mowed lower pasture where we usually play.

The nice grasses with hints of purples and pinks and yellows from various flowers are so pretty.

This particular colour palette flatters His Orangeness.

And TWooie blends right in.  It’s totally his environment (because bunnies).

And you know what made our little adventure today possible?

Coyote Vests.

I’ve been avoiding going back there because, well, because you know.  There are so many more places for a predator to hide if they wanted to, and it’s where I find most of the coyote scat.  Nothing has ever happened back there, but when you’ve got two Littles chasing bugs and mice and bunnies through the undergrowth, it’s too much like tempting fate.  But I felt a lot better about letting the Littles have their fun and comfortable enough to bring the camera when they were wearing their vests.

This is The Face of Happy:

(And this The Face of Fae)

I gotta ask … like, do some of y’all think before you type?  I had to delete a couple of comments on my Coyote Vest post because they were just … nasty.  Like, if you think the vests look ridiculous, that’s cool – they kinda do (it’s part of what I like about them.  I’m always down for making the dogs look silly).  Someone posted respectfully that they took issue with the company’s research into hawk protection, and that’s okay too – I appreciate legitimate critique.  Or if you have questions about them, that’s cool too.  But someone posted that they were CRUEL and TORTURE, which I found confusing.  The spikes are on the OUTSIDE, not the inside.  Someone posted that it was terrible that the dogs couldn’t lie down, which I also found confusing.  The primary point of these vests are for adventurous outings where their lives might be at risk from a predator, it’s not like they fused to their bodies the second I snapped the buckles together and they’ll have to just stand around for the rest of their lives.  And as it happens, they can lie down in them, as Fae demonstrated by having a little rest in the shade of my torso (and getting a belly rub to boot!).

I also learned from visiting the Coyote Vest facebook page that dogs can swim whilst wearing them.  We’re keen to try that on our next hike.

And speaking of swimming, I did a photo shoot earlier this week with three hilarious Aussie at the beach.  I think we managed to get some very lovely shots.  What do you think?

Sandy Shenanigans.

Sea wenches.

Ridin’ the rails.

So many pretty places to photograph where I love, including my own backyard.

Although it can be challenge.

Mr. Woo has a little growth on his eyelid that is starting to grow and bother his eye, and I guess I’ll need to get that removed. So if you are interested in doing a photo shoot with me so I can get that money together, please contact me!

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