The Walking Dead

AKA  ”The Running Dork”

If nothing else, he makes for some great photos.

It’s ironic that he has developed these bushy white eyebrows like Albert Einstein, but is definitely not Einsteinesque.

Almost six years in, and he still thinks he can hide behind a blade of grass, bless his weird little heart.

Thanks to a set of fortuitous circumstances, I managed to score myself a new-to-me Canon 7D, and I am LOVING it.  My photos are so much richer and bolder and detailed.  Between this new toy, and THE SUN making a daily appearance (and hanging around until well into the evening!), life is good :)  We are all so happy! A big fat Woo – if you will – hoo!

I got Dexter and Spring’s entries into Regionals, so we’re looking forward to having a good time with friends and running our pants off (actually I hope my pants stay on, because I have yet to shed a little winter weight, and nobody needs to see me without pants!)

I am even hopeful Spring will do reasonably well (or at least have a good time), since she is so much more enthused in our post-Ender universe.

(she doesn’t look it, but she is, I swear!)

She uses her newly rekindled enthusiasm to beat up her brother on a regular basis.

Okay, I totally admit I have nothing important to say this week, I just really wanted an excuse to post some photos I took with the new camera.

And maybe shill Rhumba a little, because she is still with me and NO adoption interest at all.  Almost 200 days in the shelter system.  I mean come on, who wouldn’t want this adorable little creature??

My landlord pointed at Fae today and said “I like this one.”  I do too :)

We hope you’re enjoying these lovely days as much as we are!

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