Boys and Their Toys

Landlords acquired this machine recently and have gone absolutely bananas with it.

They demolished the building I used to use as an Eatin’ Chicken coop*, and the old hitching post thing in the middle of the lower pasture that ruined so many potential shots, and have used it to pile all the debris in the back of the pasture, to ruin my photos in a completely different way.  They took down all the crap around the apple tree so now I can pick apples.  They seem to be having an awful lot of fun doing it.

But I get that.  I also like to use tools, though on a lesser scale.  Last weekend I was non-blogging because I was busy building the duck pen.  I had to finish the post-and-rail fencing and then page wire it all in, which required a saw and a cordless screwdriver, and wire cutters and a hammer and U nails and buckets and buckets of sweat!  And when I put it all together, I remembered I had no gate, so I had to fashion something out of pieces of a plastic XPen.  The end result ….

These got to come home!

They’re SO cute!!!

They smell SOOOOO bad!!!  Why did I put them so close to my house?

And the best part?  Piper is TERRIFIED of them!  Won’t even look at them, much less work them.


Phhhlllbbbt on you and your stinky ducks, lady.

This is par for the course for the way this month is going though.

I spy, with my BIG RED SWOLLEN EYE, a dog who has been bothering bumble bees:

And SOMEBODY is still broken, and had to be pulled from Regionals :(

Who? What? Nobody.  Nothing to see here.

Leash rest / no leash rest, drugs / no drugs, laser therapy / empty bank account … nothing makes a difference in his tripodding.  He still goes like the dickens, but the tripodding remains.  And apart from the fact that I won’t put my dog at risk by making him compete if he’s not 100% sound, someone could point out his limp at Regionals and we could be excused, which means no refund.  At least this way, I can pay down some of his vet bills.

He thinks he’s fine.

But I can see that his left hind leg isn’t extending like his right and there’s a definite hitch in his giddyup when he walks.  He looks like a hooker with his new rear end sway.

I’m bummed.  Nationals is HERE this year.

Now all hopes rest on this:

THIS is sulky, inconsistent and last year decided all her contacts were on fire, when she wasn’t moping around taking off course jumps at half speed.  IOW, Regionals is probably a bust this year for us.

Why doG, WHY??

I wish I knew what was wrong with him.  Nobody seems to be able to figure it out, and it’s been going on for a month now.  Any ideas?

I feel kinda like this about the whole thing:


And for the love of doG, would someone please adopt my Wumbers already??

(*I realized “Eatin’-Chicken Coop” sounds like somewhere I go to eat chicken, as though it were a dirty shameful secret.  I really meant it’s where I used to raise the chickens that were for eating, not for laying eggs, since those chickens can’t live with the other kind)


Egg suckers, that is. A few weeks ago I thought one of my hens had taken a hike for greener pastures as she simply upped and vanished one day.  Then I discovered her in the old abandoned henhouse sitting on like TWENTY ONE EGGS! None of them were fertile because we have no rooster, and […]


Happy 15th Nameday Tweed!

Today my Tweedles turned 15 years old! We had a barbeque at work and he got a REALLY big hamburger, plus liver cupcakes decorated with cream cheese icing.  He said it was the best day EVAR. I love this dog, very much :)