Bitches Be Bitches

Pound for pound, Fae is the biggest bitch in the house.

She looks cute, and everyone is always waxing poetic about her “sweet face” but she’ll take on anyone, with gusto.  She muscles other dogs out of their breakfast bowls, she’ll deliver a nip to the nose of a dog who tries to so much as look at her favourite toy, and she’s an absolute c*nt when meeting new dogs, especially big ones – she scares the bejesus out of every dog she meets at work.  One day, something large and angry is going to eat her in two swallows.

But she is the best puppy raiser in the bunch.  She is awesomely patient with puppies, and actively engages them in play, encouraging them by running slowly enough to keep their interest and sharing her toys with them.

Toys / grass stem / whatever.

Toys / cloth I used to wipe out the dog pool and left on the fence to dry / whatever.

Anything’s a toy if you’ve got a fertile enough imagination!

Some of you are wondering if I got a puppy, obviously.  I did not.  But I am fostering one from work.  Cuz I have a vacancy :(

This Gavin, some kind of mysterious terrier blend, about 12 weeks old.  He is HELLA cute.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything cuter in my whole lifetime.  And I’m OLD.

I’ve never had a more shut-down puppy … the first few days he was a zombie.  He froze when you reached for him, went to his happy place when you tried to wrestle with him and spent a lot of time laying on a dog bed staring at nothing.  When I watched his previous “owner” pick him up BY THE COLLAR (to snuzzle him and cry about how much she loved him) it kind of all made sense to me. (Yes I snatched him away from her and yes I gave her shit for picking up a dog like that.  No, I have no patience for … some people).

He learned a trick though – when I ask him “Where’s the magic?” he sits for a cookie.  Because he’s magically fantastic!

My gang kick started his inner terrier in no time.

Now he’s like a real puppy, getting into shit and generally being carefree.

Thanks in no small part to FaeFae.

Addy’s no slouch in the pup-and-at-’em department either.  She may be funny looking, and kind of a pain in the ass (she is, as I type, “hunting for monsters” in the water bucket and systematically emptying it onto the kitchen floor), but she is wonderful because she is chock full of the sillies, and she’s infectious enough that anyone will join her.

Gavin is getting neutered next week and then he will be available for adoption.  He is a VERY easy puppy – a little alert-barky (terrier) and AAAAHHHHHHH  ADDY NO!!

(Addy just got her ID tag caught on the bucket and dumped 5 gallons of water all over the floor.  BRB)

Ahem – anyway.  He is mostly housebroken, sleeps quietly in his crate at night, and has no stranger danger except at a distance.  He also can amuse himself very easily.   He’s pretty much a dream to have around. If I were in the market for another terrier, I’d be all over him.  But I really want a border collie puppy.  Except I don’t really want another dog until my pack is a little smaller, and should really stop looking at puppies on the internet.  Like this one.  WHICH IS IN WALES.

new favourite puppy

But maybe YOU want Gavin.  If so, contact me to find out how you can adopt him.  I think he’d make a super agility dog!

It is ridiculously hot here; we are having a heat wave and every day is like living on the surface of the sun.  We go out for short exercise breaks only, because I am afraid if we stay out for too long I will end up with a big hairy dog puddle in the grass and no four legged friends to play with.  Also, because something has randomly spooked Dexter, and outside has been terrifying him for a few days.

Monsters, monsters everywhere.

Dexter is not a spooky dog by nature, so I’m not sure what’s up with this brand new weirdness.  I admit, it’s times like these that I wonder about the wisdom of getting another border collie.

I wonder if maybe he stung by something, though he has been stung in the past.  And also, I am surprised there is anything left out there to sting him.  Any bug that has not been fried to a crisp has been hunted into oblivion by TWooie, who HATES THINGS THAT BUZZ.  HATES THEM ALL!

(for the more observant of you, especially those of you who might like to start internet rumours, NO I do not live in a junkyard full of crushed cars.  The landlord is tearing down the old barn (how will TWooie stand on the roof and survey his kingdom now?) because it’s pretty decrepit and a little dangerous, and there were some old cars stored in there by a relative who no longer lives in the province,  So they got dragged outside and, because boys will be boys, even when they are supposed to be grown men, they may have used their bobcat toy to crush ‘em a little, just for fun)

And speaking of landlords, and heat waves …  the other night when I took the dogs out in the evening, one of the landlord brothers was over unloading some stuff from his truck, parked in the middle of the upper pasture. My dogs ran over to say hello and Wootie started randomly crying, and wearing his very distinctive I’m confused and sad face. When he came back to me, his paws and pad fur on his back feet were scorched. I could see smoke coming up from the grass near the truck and assumed dude had been burning something. I was kind of pissed off, as he could have, you know, warned me before I let my dogs go say hello. (Sometimes he is nice about the dogs, sometimes pissy, and since I was grouchy about Wootie, I decided not to say anything to him about it, because he has a black belt in Tai Kwon Do).

I mentioned it to my landlord yesterday and he said no, his brother wasn’t burning anything, just unloading crap. I pointed out the patch of scorched grass which we could see from the porch and he was perplexed. He went out there to see what was what, and discovered that the peat moss under the grass – like under the DIRT – was doing a slow burn. Who knows how long it’s been on fire? He dumped two of the giant recycling bins of water on it and the ground sucked it up like crazy, so he dug it all up and watered it again!  It seems to be out now.  We have no idea how it started as we have not burned anything during the heat wave. Scary!

Wootie’s fine, just  a little singed.

It just now occurs to me that maybe Dex walked on the burning earth and got all afeared.  Because I am quick like that.

The chickens believe it’s feeding time.

and the dogs really want to go outside, so don’t forget:


So contact me about him!

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