I’m the luckiest

Today I received this painting of my beloved Tweedles in the mail, by Laughing Dingo Studios / Claudine Sleik.  She doesn’t do commissions anymore, but who wouldn’t want to paint Tweed?


I am the lucky recipient of three of her amazing paintings, but this one is the dearest to my heart.  Somehow she manages to capture the dogs *exactly* – that was exactly Tweed’s most usual expression.  It’s like looking right at him in front of me.

Thank you Claudine, I love it!! Best gift ever :)

Short But Sweet

Busy weekend!  Built a second hen house to accommodate my chicken collecting, which took up the bulk of yesterday in the broiling sun (of course).  Hauled it over a 5 foot tall fence I did, all my lonesome!  Built the platform, screened in the windows, put in roosts and nest boxes.  And then collapsed. And […]


Long Time No See

It’s been almost a month since I posted.  Gah!  I know, sorry sorry!  I worked 6 of 7 days one week, which doesn’t leave much blogging time.  The next weekend it peed rain – not conducive to photo taking.  Last weekend we had an agility trial, so effectively just one day off.  And today is […]