Oh hai!  Just standin’ here, 59 days short of 15 years old, looking FAB-U-LOUS.

I just finished a 13 day stretch of, like, 10 hour days at work.  Vet Tech went to Hawaii (rage, hate, seething jealousy etc.) so I did her job as well as mine.  No days off, just work work work.  Had a day off today finally and what did I do?  GO TO WORK!

But that was just to pick up my chickens, which are now living in this temporary coop (because my real coop needs anti-coyote renovations).


(For the record, steel panels are very very heavy)

I had a bunch of errands to run and a house to clean but I snapped a few photos today.  The dogs were being entirely uncooperative, probably because I worked so much the last two weeks they forgot who I was and why they are supposed to listen to me.

I remember a Food Lady, who used to tell me to stop eating dirt.  I wonder what happened to her?

What naughty thing should I do next?

More rolling in something stinky?

OMG THE FOOD LADY!  I missed you!  I’m gettin’ a damn HUG!

I never actually listened to anything you told me to do anyway, so … same-same.

I see you every day at work, and you’re boring.

Rhumba’s right, I *am* boring.  I will try to meet the Interesting quota for the next post.  But I am about to go to bed, because work robbed me of two weeks, but daylight savings time is robbing me of an hour’s sleep and 3:30AM sounds like an incredibly depressing time to get up tomorrow :/

I love you Food Lady!!

And that’s why Piper is my favourite!

Thug Life

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Nearly a year ago in the BC Lower Mainland, a dogwalker  named Emma Paulsen left her 6 canine charges in the back of a canopied pick-up truck to basically boil to death.  It was about 20C outside (70F) and the dogs without question suffered immeasurably as the temperature went up in that small space, and […]