Whatchoo Talkin’ ‘Bout, Willis?

This is the face of Suspicion:

Buuuut, this is the face of FUN TIMES!

And this is the poster child for Aftermath:

On this weekend’s agenda – more fence building.  Either building fences is a long, laborious process, or I have the world’s biggest yard.  Either way, it’s not quite done yet, but we’re almost there!  One more section to go, but that section happens to be overgrown with tall grasses and I just could not convince my arms and blisters to weedwhack that length this weekend.

Also, it’s insanely hot outside, and the dogs and I had to spend some quality time enjoying the weather before it turns ugly for the next 700 years / until next Summer.

You can tell the weather is still good, because Piper has gotten what has turned into her annual hot spot, and my annual shitty shave job chasing it up her back.


Where do these come from?  She hasn’t been swimming at all this year, so it’s not like she’s damp under all that hair.

Either way, it does not stop her from having a good time.

CRAZY good times.

This summer, my dogs have been stung by bees more times that I can recollect.  In all our years of living here, not a single dog has ever been stung by a bee, so it was sort of mystifying, until I discovered that my neighbour has started beekeeping.  I found dozens of hives on his property the other morning.  I think this would also explain the swarm box in the tree at the back of the property from earlier this year.  Thankfully none of the dogs has unusual reactions to stings (unless shrieking / shaking / twitching / throwing oneself on ones back and crying is unusual) so it’s not been a very big deal.  Just, so many bees.  So many bees they are photobombing my dogs!

Dexter is the only one I haven’t noticed getting stung (not that he would stop running long enough for either of us to notice) but I think that’s just because even bees fear The Insanity.

Spring has been stung, but she brings it on herself by chasing the bees.

Sometimes I really can’t believe Spring and Winter are related:

But even though he is a colossal dork, one of my very favourite things about Winter is that he shakes every piece of food I give him before he eats it.  At dinner time I give him a turkey neck and he stands on his hind legs and shakes it “to death” before he gets down to the business of consumption.  It’s been making me laugh every day for almost two years.  So he’s got that going for him.

I had a delightfully uneventful weekend of puttering and chores, and now I have 10 undelightful irritating canines nagging at me for dinner, so I have nothing awesome to write about this entry.  Instead, I invite you to enjoy some more photos of my dogs being them.

(especially Tweed because, you know, he’s Tweed)


Addy does some. Apparently the plant life gets in the way of her digging massive, utterly pointless holes for unsuspecting Food Ladies to step into. While Addy was landscaping, I was cleaning the hen house.  It is sadly lacking in chickens, as our resident coyote once again had a poultry buffet and ate my beautiful […]


(insert clever title here)

I was looking for a song title with a reference to the number FIVE in it, or in the lyrics, cuz I was going to quote them for the title of this entry.  All songs about “five” are depressing / end of the world / impotent.  This hardly seemed fitting for the milestone that is […]